The Avocado

A photograph I edited. It always seems to me that when you look at photography, you’re supposed to interpret it and find some deep underlying philosophical meaning. Not just in photography but in painting, sculpture, literature, whatever. It drives me nuts when we have to analyze a poem or story in English class and we’re supposed to say stuff like “The curtains are blue to symbolize his deep depression and sadness in him that cover up his metaphorical windows, keeping the light of happiness from entering” and the teacher is like, “well what exactly do you mean by that? can you explain your answer?”. But instead, you’d much rather say, “The curtains were blue.” Maybe, art doesn’t have to be picked apart and dissected. Sometimes, artists create things for people to look at or read for enjoyment. Whether or not you agree with that doesn’t matter, it’s just my opinion.

The Avocado

Starry Night Duck Tape Dress

This is the first duck tape dress I made. It took about 3 days. I would explain to you how I made it but I am not good at

Stuck on Starry Night Grand Prize

explaining things. The dress actually won the grad prize of $500 at a local art exhibition. All the little swirls and shapes are individual strips of duck tape. If you’re wondering why I made it… I just wanted to see if I could.

Stuck on Starry Night